My nearest competition in Formula 6, while trying to be snarky with a different fairing just for Texas World Speedway did not suspect that I would show up with my team-mate's ultra-fast Formula 6 bike that looks almost just like mine to the untrained eye, instead of my Formula 7 bike.  Needless to say, I putted around the corners and ran it wide-open on the big straight to get my second first place in F6 in as many races.  Ended up in second for the season, behind my team-mate for an Onroad Offroad Racing one, two finish.  Ended up in fifth by one point for the season in Formula 7.  I've been out of the points there for a while.  To give you an idea of the speed differential between an F6 on pump gas and an F7 on race gas(almost exactly the same otherwise), I was getting 1:41's without trying around TWS on the F6 and 1:52's on the F7 trying pretty hard.  My competition was in the 1:46's with a less built motor(but same) in a lighter frame with aero and he weighs 40 lbs less.  Pictures and such soon.

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